Spot the differerence
Flat UV and 3D-UV

Now you have two options for Spot UV Gloss: 3D-UV and Flat UV.

Spot the Difference

Port Printing now has a couple of options when it comes to adding Spot UV Gloss to your printing.  We’ve all been a long-time fan of 3D-UV, and now we’re excited to offer Flat UV as a flexible option.  So what’s the difference, and why would you choose one over the other? Let’s review the differences.

3D-UV Printing


3D-UV is a raised Spot UV Gloss, which you can see and feel.  This finish is spectacular as highlights on logos and type, and tactile patterns across your matte laminated printing.  3D-UV is printed digitally, which means no expensive block is required, and you can even print Variable Data in 3D-UV on each item. A disadvantage of 3D-UV is that it needs a margin from trimming and scoring.

Flat Spot UV Gloss

Flat UV

Flat UV has the same high-gloss shine, but does not have a raised profile like 3D-UV.  This flat gloss finish is also flexible for trimming, scoring and folding.  The best part of Flat UV is the price, which comes in under the price of 3D-UV.

Artwork requirements for Flat UV are the same to 3D-UV. Read our Artwork Guidelines here.

Trade Pricing

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